Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sun Junkie

My dear wife's theory is that cats suffer from Seasonally Affected Depressive Disorder. They are drawn to sunny spots even at peril of their gingeriffic furry hides. Here Tamlin cat takes his life in his hands and lays once again on the fobidden kitchen table.

Notice in the close-up how tense he is, how concerned that every moment in the bliss generating bombardment of yellow shifted photons might be his last. Can't you sense the coiled up springs of worry set to spring him high off the table the minute he hears the dreaded water spray bottle...

...or maybe not. The sound of the camera didn't get so much as a twitch, and when I walked up closer he just looked up at me and yawned.


Kimmie said...

I think cats actually rule the world .... or should :)

Steve Emery said...

Kimmie - Cats sure think they already rule the world - at least ours do. That's why they have a really hard time understanding why doors are ever closed, and why milk is not dispensed whenever they get the craving. But, even though they rule the world, the world isn't perfect, even for cats.

Now dogs - dogs don't rule, but they do think the world is already perfect, at least as long as their owner is smiling at them. Dogs might have the thing worked out better than cats do. Not sure.