Saturday, January 13, 2007

House of Frames - 12/05/06

From older blog - 12/5/06

I stopped by House of Frames in Durham, today. I like being there. It's like the best of hanging around with art students, talking shop, looking at work on their walls, seeing the word "Rosehips" written fairly large on a piece of matboard and recognizing it as Ippy Patterson's hand and asking and having that confirmed. That last item made me feel like I'd blind tasted a wine and gotten the grape, region and vintage correct. But Ippy's hand writing fascinates me, so it's easy for me to spot.

John was there and had actually dropped into our gallery, recognized me as someone who showed there, asked my name and what work was mine, and when I mentioned the graphite "Central Florida" that I have down there now did my ego a lot of good by recalling it immediately and having nice things to say about it. I wonder if I wanted to have a few drawings to hang at "House of Frames" if they would consider me?

Anyway, Jim met me there, we settled the question of glass, I decided to do the UV glass to give the best protection to the colors on "Hounds," and it was all worth it for the feedback on my art and the opportunity to talk to Jim while driving him home. Having him along even made the Costco stop an occasion (he even pushed the cart while I tossed large items into it). Traffic was bad getting onto Greensboro Rd and we still got to his house way too soon.

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