Sunday, June 8, 2008

Half Missing

This guy is in the hospital in Raleigh for several days. I've often heard my Dad, and said myself, that I can't understand how people can afford to spend so much money on a pet. I have some qualms about spending potentially several thousand on this episode. But when it comes right down to it, what you are buying is more time with someone you know and love. Tamlin has been missing for half a day at this point, and it leaves a big hole in our home and in my heart. Lina seems like only half of herself, though she's not showing any distress that Tamlin's gone. She seems like not enough to me. I "get" her more than I do Tamlin - I can read her better and I relate to her more. Tummy Cat is more like a wild animal that has consented to live with us for a while, but I miss him and his weird ways a lot already.

He's got a urinary obstruction - not uncommon or complicated, but deadly if not treated. He's in for urethral catheterization, 24-48 hours of observation, radiography to see if there are stones to deal with, and analysis of the crystals that caused this so we can change his diet and prevent it in future. There are several kinds of crystals that form in feline bladders - proper understanding and diet usually solve the problem long term. He's in good hands at the rightly famous Vet School at NC State.

(NC State's phone message on Sundays says, "If your medical emergency is with a small animal, press 5," and I'm thinking, "Hamster? Gecko?" "If your medical emergency is equine or involves farm animals, press 6." Sudden scale change - even a great Dane is a small animal compared to a Charolais bull or a Belgian draft horse. My thinking was so suburban. NC State is famous for its work with Holsteins, for instance - the biggest and most beautiful Holsteins I've ever seen anywhere.)

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