Monday, June 2, 2008

Yard Fountain 2008

Again, the chicken is talking non-stop to the toad. Of course, our oldest son pointed out, she's been doing it all winter under the house, as well. He had positioned them carefully when putting them away last December. Either the toad's smile indicates he doesn't mind, or it's the frozen variety and his mind is elsewhere...

The hippo Debbie (also known as "Spitty!") provides the fountain (she's off in this photo). Globose is barely visible over the Virginia Creeper which has grown up so nicely with some of it's feet in the fountain bowl. He is as round as a ball. While three of the creatures make sense being there, because of the water, the chicken is only there for the captive audience.

I am considering getting a few small fish to keep the mosquito larvae under control. Bleach is a bad idea because frogs keep taking up residence in the fountain, small as it is.

Here is how the fountain looked in 2007. You can see how much larger the VA creeper is this year. It's also now more than twenty feet up a nearby loblolly pine.

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