Saturday, June 28, 2008

Toad Hall at Grounds for Sculpture

Some of the most beautiful gardening and architecture on the site are contained in Toad Hall. This complex building, with multiple courtyards, wings, and roof lines, just doesn't take a bad picture.

I don't usually feel inspired to create paintings about architecture, but this was an exception, and I took numerous shots for inspiration. The color scheme, the proportions, the playfulness, the light on it...

If you visit (it's in Hamilton, NJ - over 200 sculptures in a 35 acre garden) be sure to bring your receipt with you on your stroll. You must actually leave the gardens to get to Toad Hall, and there is another admissions gate between them.
A friendly guard at the gate, when we told him we had left our receipt in the car, grinned wryly and said, "A lot of people say that. I'll be here for an hour or so - I'll remember you." We thanked him, and after we walked out and back in we thanked him warmly again. I think all of our children did it individually as they passed by - I say that because of the interesting smile I got when I did the same as I brought up the rear.

These two final garden shots are from the restaurant courtyard towards the sculpture of Monet's famous bridge, and from the bridge back at the courtyard and building.

(This post was written before my, "Ive Been Bad" post. I actually spent most of today, what free time I had, preparing two paintings. One is going to be a struggle, but I'm engaged, and it's moving. The other is a big mystery yet (and a canvas).)

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