Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Beach and Windows at Work

My office at work doesn't have a window, so I have pictures up for viewing (especially to gaze into while I'm in long phone conversations). And my desk is a beach, with stones from all over, and shells, all of which gets handled and moved around during long calls, as well. I think better when my hands are kept busy. I work mostly at a separate table (to the left of this shot) at a better height. The laptop here is driving the whole office, but I use a big monitor and a full size keyboard on the table. Almost all of my work involves the laptop or the phone. I receive only one or two pieces of regular mail per month, now, and the people I work with are almost all in other states (mostly SC, GA, UT, IL, CA, PA, and TN).

You can also see my wood block print from Marissa Lee in the frame to the right. That's the newest thing on my desk.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille #3 <<<<
Grenouille is here visiting the other creatures above our oldest son's keyboard. It's one of the oldest computers in the house, with the dropped keyboard missing some of the "F" keys. Tonight we went to the opening of a community theater production of The Music Man which featured our oldest as the bass in the barbershop quartet (the River City School Board). He did a great job and had a marvelous time. It was wonderful to hear him holding long low notes beneath the other three, especially during Lida Rose. We'll be seeing it with more family later (there are four performances) and it will be a pleasure to see it all again. His program bio (each actor wrote their own) was great fun, and included the fact that he has been singing bass since he was 14 (in our church's adult choir).


Anonymous said...

What a great workspace, considering you don't have windows. Our office is moving next August and I'll have a better space for doing something like this. Right now I'm sitting at the old receptionist desk and I don't feel like I can really personalize things at all.

And how wonderful about your son! I love watching my kids when they perform.

Steve Emery said...

Our daughter dances, so we've seen her in recitals and performances, but we haven't seen the other two on stage up to now. Sort of a new experience for us. And our oldest is the quietest, most introverted person in the house. So when he said he was going to go see what the troupe was about, and came home that night with the bass part in the quartet we were surprised and delighted. It was incredible seeing him (he hates cameras and attention of that sort) up there having the time of his life.

I hope you can "personalize" soon - I'd be interested in seeing how it turns out. Maybe in a continuation of the "new job" thread over on Politits?

Pagan Sphinx said...

Having a penchant for such things, I love the little critters above your keyboard.

I would LOVE to have a smooth, uncluttered desk like yours. Beautiful stones on my desk would just get buried under papers and books. Alas.

Have I already said this is a lovely place to visit? :-)

Steve Emery said...

Pagan - Thanks! I used to have a terribly paper cluttered desk - it all moved into my laptop. I laugh when I think that the initial screen in Windows is called a "desktop." My virtual desk surface looks just like it always did, while the beach got to move onto my real desk.