Monday, July 28, 2008

Route 29 - Lynchburg VA

I had business in VA recently, and passed through a number of towns on route 29. Lynchburg was by far the largest. I had a little time to spare when I got there, and the town has some beauty spots, where you can see it built up the hill.

I started my touring, though, at the historic riverfront. This area looks like a town project in progress, with lots of potential. The James river runs through Lynchburg, and an old canal from Richmond came up this far.

The riverfront has a walking/biking trail and a foot bridge over the James, which is where I took the top photo above.

A man approached me as I took my photos of these lovely old buildings near the waterfront, and said he'd often joked to his wife that they ought to buy one, years ago. Now it's probably too late - the price has already gone up. Behind the flour mill was a stack of old silos for storing the grain before it was ground. No restoration yet, but you can imagine how interesting this area could be.

In town itself many of the buildings are worthy of a photo. I only had time to walk along Church Street and take photos towards the top of the escarpment there, which has Monument Terrace (photo below, the entrance and stairs to the Terrace) and the old courthouse on top. There is even an elevator and bridge to the top of the terrace, to make it handicap accessible (last photo, below).

Lynchburg is gradually getting some more upscale and European style restaurants downtown, but there are still streets where buildings are boarded up and for rent. Business is mostly in the strips on the expressways around it.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille #12 <<<<

Grenouille has been touring oldest son's room again. Here he is visiting the Sistine Chapel (on the right). So few people know how it looks on the outside because everyone uses up all their film on the inside. The bigger frog was also touring, but he wasn't interested in art. He was there for the hot Italian amphibians, in their tiny stilettos and micro skirts, with their dark eyes and bright tympani listening for the loud croaks of a big strong specimen like him. Grenouille is teaching him how to make Italian kissy noises and say, "Incontrarmi nello stagno."


Anonymous said...

Lynchburg has tons of photographic potential, apparently. I'm glad you had your camera!

And that big frog better watch it or he'll get his froggy face slapped.

Steve Emery said...

DCup - I could happily have spent hours downtown with my camera - I only had about 30 minutes. The town is stacked up on a ridge side, and in morning light it begs to be photographed. There aren't a lot of easy places to stop your car and get shots, though.

And that big frog has three problems: 1. He has never actually met a hot Italian amphibian. 2. Grenouille may be playing with him. 3. Where is there a pond (stagno) in Rome?

linda said...

there are so many beautiful places to photographic around there! Here on the Left Coast, it's as dry as a bone, no lushness anywhere.

and, as always,, the frogs brought a smile :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

Yes, I smiled too. :-) But isn't Grenouille a toad? Sorry, if I have my amphibians confused.

Your photos are nice. They inspire me to take photos of my town. It's a mill town on the river, with no more mills. Well, one.

Thanks for a lovely post, as usual.


Steve Emery said...

Linda - I am sorry the Left Coast is so dry and smoky this year. Damage to Big Sur, even, this fire season - horrible.

Pagan - I would love to see photos of your old mill town.

On the taxonomy of Grenouille:

I thought he might be a toad, as well - but we were informed that he was a "grenouille" when in the shop. AND on further consideration I believe his sleakness, back markings, and the webby look of his toes confirm him as a member of the wetter side of hoppy amphibia. So I'm just going with that.

Besides, I can't picture him half so suave as a toad.

Pagan Sphinx said...

It's settled, then! Though some toads can be very charming in their own right! They can clean up rather well when dressed to go out for the evening. ;-)