Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grounds for Sculpture - Sampler

This is my last post on the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. This is a sampler of some of my favorites from the over 200 pieces in the gardens. I would say the average sculpture size in the park is more than 6 feet in most dimensions. Some are considerably larger, up to 30 feet or more.

The map and key to the park make it tough to match title and artist back to your photos later, so I'm going to let you explore the web link above, and click on artists in the "collection" link to see various pieces for yourself - including, perhaps, some of these here.

The moment I saw this I knew it was about gossip. Sure enough, that's the title. The piece is larger than life and all black. It was in the courtyard of the cafe by the water gardens. I'm always impressed when someone captures an abstract concept or a verb so well in a still piece.

This playful piece was real ladder and real dumpster sized. It made me grin the minute I saw it. Of course you can read a message into it...

This piece was in an intimate courtyard space, and it's only about three feet tall. We all liked it. It reminds me of a particular decorative style of illustration which always gives me the feeling of peace and quiet.

This piece, which is over eight feet tall and considerably longer than that, shared a large open space with several others (you can see some in the background). The red sections moved in the wind. I've always loved mobiles of any kind.

These guys were life size, with the sculpture built into one section of a longer wall.

This is Red Grooms' homage to Henry Moore, a famous English sculptor of the mid 20th century, and a favorite of mine since art school. Grooms calls this Henry Moore in a Sheep Meadow. Read more here. I recall it being about eight feet tall.

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