Thursday, July 24, 2008

A July Gift - Sunset Garden

Several weeks ago we had a deep gloomy rain much of Monday, and I was not well. I "laid out" as we say down here, and just did a little work over e-mail, and one phone call I couldn't avoid. I slept some, which I hardly ever do during daylight (naps don't help me).

Then the late afternoon cleared, it was only in the high seventies (amazing for July) and the humidity was very low. Everything was bathed in the kind of light we get in my favorite season - autumn. My love and I ate dinner outside and looked at the gardens.

On the west side the light was kissing all the flowers in France and England, the beds in the front of the house, surrounding our outdoor living room. It set off this year's earliest spider flowers (also called cleome and grandpa's whiskers) here shown with our favorite white phlox "David." The spider flower will bloom almost all the way to frost, just getting taller and adding more buds on top until they look crazy.

The orange cosmos in our mailbox bed come back every year from their own seeds. We have to help, by sprinkling the seeds into the center of the bed every year, otherwise they would just spread outwards and the bed would be empty. The Japanese maple in the last photo we bought for $25 when it was about eighteen inches high. It's over ten feet tall, now, and I keep selecting the branches and shape, like a slow sculpture that I've been creating for a decade now.

After I took these shots, we went for a walk in the neighborhood, and I felt more relaxed and better than I have in a month. Peaceful. The light does it to me.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille #8 <<<<

Imagine the fond embrace of a creature a hundred times your size...


Fran said...

Glad you got some rest and lower humidity.

And those flowers- gorgeous. That kitty is pretty cute too!

Anonymous said...

Your gardens are lovely. I know that light you're speaking of. Lately, we've had late afternoon blusters - not exactly storms - and then the light goes all orangey (there's your color!) and slants in to bathe everything in warmth.

Monsieur Grenouille and his friend le chat look quite relaxed together.

L'Adelaide said...

how lovely it is there! all of your pictures of the area are simply charming. I am jealous of all the flowers in late july...not so in my neck of the woods, california!

I am really curious what the wordless wed. thing is...I just can't figure it out and I blew it up, there's nails or something like that, I thought it was perhaps a tool of some sort....WHAT IS IT PLEASE??? :)

Steve Emery said...

Thank you, ladies.

DCup - that light drives me crazy, especially in autumn. I feel filled up with it.

FranIam and DCup - Miss Lina (short for her full name - Santolina) is a sweety and makes me talk baby-talk. Le Monsieur Grenouille is unflappable - I've never seen him not relaxed.

Linda - the weird items in the Wordless Wed post are corn cob holders. I loved the accidental arrangement on the drying towel beside the sink. Besides, all that yellow...

And I can't really imagine living anywhere else... maybe a 100 or so miles away in VA, but no further.

Unknown said...

Oh, okay. The froggy is Monsieur Grenouille. I'm looking forward to more of his adventures.

Miss Lina is stunning. And your watercolor...oh, my. You are so blessed to have talent.