Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Dunny - Mwahahahahaha!

So I opened the last one I had tonight. Rough coupla days at th'office, ya know, and I just felt entitled.

As soon as I opened this one it seemed to need the brown ape beside it. They're so perfect together (and both velvety, like fuzzy plastic kids Christmas ornaments from the 70's) that I have moved them to their own place in my work table.

I still can't figure out the draw of these for me. I have a weird craving for them - for the uncertainty of which one is in the box, for the way the different graphic designers have played out their little stories on the same oddly shaped canvas.

I would buy blank ones (only if they were this little) in a red hot minute to do my own playing.


linda said...

ah these are so cute! it would be fun to paint some. :)

susan said...

I've bought a couple of them as little presents for people and it's always a nice surprise to meet who's inside. Cool.