Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rainbows Boats and Stegasaurus

>> Appendix de Grenouille


Here I am with the little moleskine, el pocito, as Etienne calls it, above six months of eraser chaff, at the end of the double rainbow. It is with childlike mental silliness that our artiste friend acquired and arranged these tugboats and ancient lizards. Imagine him in a store approaching the counter with a handful of colorful rubber playthings. No, no. Picture him earlier still, at the big jugs of these colorful rubber items, trying to decide on rainbows of tugboats, or trucks; mixed suaropods or just one kind; insects or bears. His brain nearly exploded from pleasure and the difficulty of the decision. He filled his hands repeatedly, one way and then another, seeking the right set of creatures. Fortunately his daughter was with him to provide a calming effect, or Etienne might have bought the jugs entire. We know how he is about color.

But, eccentricity aside, there is symbolism to be found in these arrangements. The rainbow is how so many see the issue of equality for love and marriage among the genders. Etienne thinks of this double rainbow, running both ways, as representing every direction of love between men and women. He feels it is synchronicity that the crossed rainbows meet at (voila) green, the current color of sustainability and symbol for touching the planet with gentility.

Oui, this is no coincidence. The way forward is revealed in the rainbows.


June Saville said...

YES Steve! You are hitting the nail on the head yet again with this one. As is Etienne.
The ways we relate to each other and the planet can all get a nice boost here ...

Hey the 70 Plus Virtual Art Gallery is opening right now at my place, and is proving great fun. Please accept your invitation and tell your friends.

Thanks for taking part with some of your own work.

June in Oz

Genie Sea said...

Marvelous. Poetry in prose. This brings de-light! :)

Lisa said...

Grenouille - Please tell Etienne that his artistic representation of the rainbow was the perfect compliment for your lovely words. The image of Etienne at the jugs was very funny indeed.

wholesale sweets said...

Thank you for sharing. Nice post. :)

MLight said...

And while Etienne was selecting his rainbow, his daughter was choosing her biology and chemistry books.

For most other families, this would be a rather odd shopping trip.

Lisa said...

MLight - That's what makes your family so interesting to read about! I'm glad that the two of you share your life with us through writing.

linda said...

I can imagine standing over those very same plastic jugs of colorful creatures as I have done the same - I am always drawn to the animals, like the bears and giraffes, and wish I had kept them from the daze of small children but alas, no...perhaps like you, we should have had another a bit later than the others so they didn't all rush off so fast - just to keep the heart young! however, on the other hand, maybe not ;)

this is very beautiful, your expression of how life should be seen... thank you for sharing it !