Monday, May 18, 2009

Mothers Day Trip to Blowing Rock NC

Last Friday we took a day trip to the mountains for Dearest - a week late, but it was for Mothers Day. We had thunder and rain all around us all day, but never had rain while we did our favorite outside things. We started with a picnic at Price Park, by the stream.

We walked at the Cone Manor, around the Bass Lake (or course - this is possibly our favorite walk on planet Earth) Here I am looking back at the carriage road over one half of the heart pond.

Raindrops delicately clung to everything, softly accumulating from the mist. Here wild strawberry leaves, cow vetch, and a buttercup make up the principle players.

This is our beautiful Daughter, looking out over the Bass Lake from the bench near the dam. The leaves on the trees were five or six weeks back in time from what we have now in the Piedmont.

Bluets covered the top of the bank on one part of the opposite shore. I took a number of photos, trying to capture the simple profusion of these light blue flowers all over this bank. Click images for a closer view.

Here the bluets are up close. They're also called Quaker ladies.

At the end, before going to get pizza and ice cream at our favorite eateries in Blowing Rock, Dearest wanted to at least hike up to the bridge on the Rough Ridge trail. I stayed below with Daughter (whose healing ankle was not up to more steps and climbing) and so I could take this picture of the others when they got on the bridge. I believe this is one of the most beautiful bridges in the Southeast, for the lovely arch, the simple construction, and (mostly) the setting. The water streams quietly over this steep, but gently curving rock face covered with mosses and plants. Everything about this area is like a garden, so lush and beautifully arranged.

Before we visited the Rough Ridge trail head, we walked out from the overlook towards the Linn Cove Viaduct. This shot was from that walk - the puddles of former rains reflecting a cloudy sky. We felt like we got away with something, like we had our pleasure all day under the very eaves of loud thunderstorms, and never got wet. It rained most of the way home, when we were in the car and it no longer mattered.

Happy Mothers Day, Dearest.


susan said...

It looks as though you got the most perfect day to visit this incredible park. The photographs are beautiful.

L'Adelaide said...

what a beautiful place and those bluets, how sweet...and I do agree that is such a lovely lucky to have such places so nearby!

Genie Sea said...

What a perfect day! :) What an idyllic set for it :)

René Wing said...

that sounds and looks heavenly... and I am especially touched by the photo of your daughter and your mention of her. You sound like such a loving father. Husband too, but I'm especially touched by the father bit. :)

MLight said...

Thank you! It was a wonderful trip.

Steve Emery said...

Susan - Thanks - it was a lovely day.

Linda - Bluets are probably the sweetest flowers we know. They're only about a quarter inch across.

Genie Sea - It worked out incredibly well.

Rene Wing - I have never found it hard to be a loving father to my children because they are so easy to love.

MLight - You are very welcome, Dearest. xx oo xx oo xx oo xx oo xx oo xx oo xx oo xx oo xxxxxxx

radha said...

Came over from June's blog. Was very touched by the 'I have never found it hard to be a loving father to my children because they are so easy to love'. Love that is reciprocated is what keeps one going... and ofcourse the ending to the post.

The Cunning Runt said...

Dude, you have the most amazing eye!

Your photographs seem to me to be built like your paintings - they seem to me to have similar structural elements and emotional tones.

What a beautiful place to get away to, this one. Thanks for sharing it with us.