Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a Quick Thanks

I had to turn on comment moderation "after 5 days from post date" to cut off the later comments of spammers. That's worked great, but now I have some legitimate and heartfelt comments which I don't see for days or weeks, even. Like one from Susan left on the 12th of December... I read it today and was moved.

I wanted to take a moment, before I jump into a small painting (I think I can fit) to thank all of you who visit and comment. My family is my first audience, and you are the next. Both are important in different ways, and painting has more depth and meaning for all of you looking and remarking.

Happy New Year to all of you. Let's see what 2010 will be about.


Genie Sea said...

The Happiest of New Years, Steve! May it be productive, abundant, and filled with exploration, love and health! :)

susan said...

The interesting thing about our friendships in Blogtopia is being able to cut through the usual social gaming played out in the workday world to get to the heart of our individual worth. I'm very glad to have you as one of my true friends.

Unknown said...

What Susan said is one reason I like blogging. I always wonder if there is intrigue and drama in the lives of some bloggers, where things get really ugly between people who become connected here. Probably...
I too feel lucky to have found friends in the blog neighborhood that I feel very positively about.

Thank YOU Steve, for your in-depth, insightful and often sensitive remarks on the fine art I post on my blog. And once in while, when I need a cyberhug (of sorts), you and Susan and Linda, among others, are there to give it when you're able.

Our families should be our first audience. Indeed. :-)

Best to you and Dearest and the children in 2010.

Peace and love,

giggles said...

Happy New Year, Steve...a little belatedly... but heartfelt, none-the-less...