Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rainbow of Favorite Things Photo Meme

I'm going to start a color related meme (naturally). Please Comment here if you do the meme. I actually found this hard to complete - maybe it will be difficult for you, too.

Rainbow of Favorite Things Meme

Tag 3 or 4 others.
Include photos for at least 3 of the items below.
No people or animals.

What is your favorite thing of the following colors?

Easy for me to figure out, but it's not mine to share.

A Benjamin Franklin 1/2 cent stamp in the 1938 Presidential Series. I used to stare at this page of my stamp album, and at the page with the ordinary issue of 1922/23. The earlier issue had a beautiful design that to me means the peak of American stamp engraving, but the colors of the 1938 issue drove me crazy. The orange of the Franklin stamp made me sigh, and the rose color of the 2 cent Adams was wonderful, too. I can't find a photo of the stamp that comes close to the right orange.

The autumn leaves of Quaking Aspen. I prefer the yellow of Ginkgo leaves in autumn, but aspen leaves have all sorts of associations for me. (Photo from Flickr photostream of photoreb).

I knew there was a special place that should be in this spot - but it eluded me for a while. Then, when I realized it, I felt stupid. Of course it would be where we sit on the side of the Bass Lake on the Cone Manor in Blowing Rock, NC. This photo doesn't make it look very green, but actually the grass there is green whenever we put out the same two blankets we've been carrying there for the last fifteen years or more. We realize things and put our lives back together every fall in this spot. The blue object in this photo (lower right edge) is probably my backpack, on the edge of one of the blankets. I wish we were sitting there right now.

It would be my denim jacket, I think.

My big winter scarf. It's wide and green (with tassels) on one end and blue (with tassels) on the other end - but the rest is made from a yarn that is a blend of colors that registers as a lively purple.

A favorite thing that is a color other than these basic six (pink, or brown, or white, etc.)

BROWN: I was going to say it was my hat. My favorite photo of my hat has daughter in it - but you'll have to settle for the one above with me, my hat, and my denim jacket.
But then I realized my staff is actually more important to me than my hat. I've had several hats, but this staff has been with me since I was 19, and has inlays of bits and pieces from special places and trees. The staff is also in the photo above.

Find something you own that features the entire rainbow - all the colors above in rainbow order.
My art bench's left edge has a backstop for eraser chaff (it's just a length of 2x4) and on it, in a neat line, is a rainbow squad of little rubber tug boats. I found them in a big bin at a teaching type store, and secretly bought one of each color. They make me smile.

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