Monday, July 2, 2007

Martian Plant

We call this plant the Martian Plant. It came with something else we got at a nursery. It's a little aggressive, spreading by tubers under ground, and hard to eradicate. It's green all year, and has nice rounds of leaves at the base. The red and green of the flowers is quite odd. They grow in a circle at the top of stalks about two feet tall. The second photo shows the view downward to the basal leaves, and also shows a seed head forming in the upper edge.

It used to be in the bed we called Australia (for it's shape and position in the yard, sort-of) but we moved it. Oldest son loves it and allows it to run loose in his bed, where I took this photo. He also loves euphorbias, cannas, pitcher plants, bog sage, and a number of other unusual specimens which we allow him to keep here as long as they behave. Like the hissing cockroaches we let him keep in his room...

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