Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Evening in the Gardens

A photo medley of an evening spent in our gardens, camera in one hand, barbecue tongs in the other. Click the image for a much larger view. We got barely damp with a tiny storm and a few thunder claps, after which I took the shot in the center of this montage, of a raindrop in a nasturtium leaf.

The photos here are, left to right, top to bottom:
1. flowers and tomato on the sill
2. the gravelry through the new bed
3. mmmm, dinner
4. angelonia and nasturtiums
5. the volunteer sunflower on our deck
6. late sun on the cedar trunk and dogwood
7. french marigold
8. the coals are almost ready
9. volunteer french marigold in gravelry
10. copper dragonfly with rudbeckia
11. back lit pink hibiscus (blooms 9")
12. cumulus clouds
13. raindrop in nasturtium leaf
14. sky before the little storm
15. sleepy bumble on cone flower
16. the gravelry into the long meadow
17. pink hibiscus again
18. debbie, toad, and chicken
19. back lit hibiscus coccineus
20. the western sky with storm
21. the portulaca fish on the deck
22. iron ant
23. petunia and white sweet alyssum
24. small bird in a sea of thyme
25. last sun down the side yard

Here are a few of the photos in their entirety. The hibiscus plants are over seven feet tall, and the blooms are over six inches in diameter. I love the gaps between the petals which allow a green star to show through. The other photo is the view down our side yard, where the new bed curves into the back.

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