Wednesday, July 4, 2007


A friend from work has gone into business for herself, doing book keeping and accounting for a number of environmental firms in Pittsboro. Her new business cards say "Green Bean Counter." I wish her good fortune - she's made her own luck by working hard and gradually taking on these clients outside of her day job.

She is very into pink and pigs. She doesn't eat pork or beef - and she raises pigs as pets (Vietnamese potbellies). My children, if we dropped by my office off hours, would ask if we could go look at the office of "the pig lady."

When I was just starting to paint again I did one of my first watercolors for her - I called it Pigland. Over a year later, it turns out her new office in Pittsboro is painted in pink (two walls) purple (on wall) and yellow (one wall). Her window looks out over a parklike area where she sees rabbits playing. She is going to decorate with original artwork, including this piece of mine.

So my first excuse to go see her in her new quarters (about 40 minutes from our office - but a lot closer to her home) will be when she gets this painting up. It's great to have my pictures gradually hanging all over the Triangle.

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