Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bunny Trail (the Gravelry)

Several years ago I found this cast stone in a little shop in the middle of Cookeville, TN and brought it home to put in my new "gravelry." That's what I called the gravel pass-through in the long bed on the north side of the house. After placing it I decided it was also now the bunny trail. The marigolds came up on their own ("volunteers" in gardening talk) from Frenchies planted in prior years along the trail. The pink flower is an amarylid of some kind - we planted about ten of these bulbs here and there around the Gravelry.

This larger shot gives you a glimpse of the cat stepping stone, which oldest son put there this year at the annual "placing of the creatures" in the garden. We have a lot of animals of stone, clay, iron, bronze, plastic, etc. The three characters in the post last week ("Unintended Consequences") are among their number. I placed those (except the cement turtles, placed by youngest son). The barely visible round stone to the right in this picture (under the brilliant blue delphinium Moomin Light planted this year - see her thoughts on last year's delphinium here) represents Optican. Optican is one of the planets in a system oldest son created many years ago, the Bibadil system, including Drayeen, Drayeen's moon Sni, Optican, Smooja, and Smooja's little moon Smali. We decided long ago to do lettered casts of the system (made in the bottoms of various size plastic flower pots) which are now placed in the yard in their correct relationships. According to oldest son (probably about ten years old at the time), Optican has no set surface (it's a swirling chaos) - you have to make a surface and reality on it by the power of your own magic - and only certain creatures in the system have that ability.

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