Friday, June 8, 2007

The Inestimable Dennis Rogers

I read on G.D.Gearino's blog that Dennis Rogers has retired from the News and Observer. Mr. Gearino did not have that post open for comments, but I sent him this e-mail, and I wanted to post it here in honor of both men, but particularly of Dennis Rogers and of the South.


I recall a cartoon of him that showed him hidden by his necktie.

I have not been a regular reader of the N&O for a number of reasons - but I never failed to enjoy his column when I did read the paper. I have known a few men of his particular sweet, deeply insightful disposition, and they have inspired me, a native New Yorker, to acquire all I could of Southern manners and gentility. I have always imagined that Dennis Rogers wrote so well, in part, because he was the sort of man who carefully considered ALL of his words, weighing them for their accuracy, their honesty and for the effect they were likely to have on anyone who heard them. He had an awful lot of people to consider when writing his column... as you say, nearly everyone knows his work.

And this from your post (as well as the quality of that moving "epitaph") made me nod vigorously:

"Alexander Pope once said that an honest man is God’s noblest work. I think a compassionate man is nobler yet."

Amen. And how incredibly blessed are any of us who have a friend like that. I hope the two of you see each other often.

Maybe you could tackle a project together? If so, I hope you let us know on your blog, so we can savor the sweet anticipation.

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