Friday, June 15, 2007

Meeting You by Chance

Meeting You by Chance - for Laura

Walking busy garden paths, observing
beauty round me and the lovely fragrance
from blooms and passers, sparing word or glance,
while small birds flashed and musically took wing,
my heart was calm and paced a graceful dance.
Good fortune granted me this gilded spring,
this time alone to greet each lovely thing
my walk revealed by unexpected chance.
Then you appeared, unlooked for and unknowing,
and the garden had been colorless and gray.
Now with the glory of your presence glowing,
garden emerged from gloom to sunlit day.
The world I'd roamed and thought so bright and fair
was proved a faded sham til you were there.

Written June 15th, 2007, remembering an unexpected meeting in a garden several years ago.

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