Monday, June 18, 2007

The Soundtrack in My Head - The Weepies

Moomin Light talks often of the soundtrack in her head. All of our family does this, and we sometimes compare notes on what each of us is playing. Compare at your own risk, however. The song in one head can dislodge the song in another, and our youngest might have "The Witchdoctor" or "Crazy Frog."

My soundtrack has been full of The Weepies lately (their site seems to play the first three numbers from their latest album, starting with "Take It from Me," then changes to numbers that might be from their first release).

They are a folk duo. I found their most recent album, "Say I Am You,"on a trip to Barnes and Noble. I hadn't intended to buy anything, I just intended to pass a pleasant hour browsing and learning some new sounds and names, when I looked them up on a notion, was amazed that B&N carried this album, and then found myself walking to the counter with it in my hand. Imcompulsive purchase.

I had heard "World Spins Madly on" on the Internet (third on the album if you are still listening to the link), and it would stay in my head for days. The strings, the harmonies, the infectious melancholy sound with rolling quiet guitar driving it... That's how I knew of The Weepies. Now I could hear that again plus more.

"Riga Girls" and "Painting by Chagall" are my current favorites.

"You're the moon, I'm the water.
You're Mars, calling up Neptune's daughter.
Sometimes rain that's needed falls.
We float like two lovers in a painting by Chagall.
All around is sky and blue town,
holding these flowers for a wedding gown."

(Polaroid of The Weepies compliments of the afteravedon photostream on Flickr - thanks for sharing.)

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