Saturday, December 22, 2007

Signs of Christmas 2

A few days ago I came home to the heavenly smell of Pulla, a Finnish bread my half-Finnish-half-Estonian wife makes with the kids at Christmas time. This year our eight year old braided one, and was very pleased with the result (and rightly so - it was lovely). They spent about half the day on it. Estonian Christmas cookies and Pulla are the two baking events that mean Christmas in this house (see Moomin Light's post and pictures of the cookies here). Both use cardamom, an unusual spice that gives them a unique spirit. Both are complex, long processes that are occasions on their own.

Pulla's recipe is so involved it's on the fronts and backs of two 3x5 recipe cards. The cards are to the right (click image for a larger view). Back when we first got married I made a small set of recipe cards by hand for my sweetheart, and put food related Bible verses on each. She used these two for the Pulla recipe her grandmother made. I have no idea where the others are.

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MLight said...

Aaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!! You put my handwriting on your blog! (hiding behind the computer so no one can see me)(oh, they can't see me anyway)