Monday, December 10, 2007

Winston Part Eight

When we lived in Winston, near Hanes Park, one building stood out for beauty and placement. Saint Paul's Episcopal, on the top of Summit Avenue. It lent an English look to the hill overlooking the athletic fields and the track. (Click any image for a larger view.)

Here's the church from the south side. It's not ornate, like Duke Chapel, but it's lines are all lovely, the proportions are majestic, and the stonework delights me every time I see it.

The entrance, which faces east, is particularly beautiful with the curving walks and neat green grass covered with red maple leaves.

Above that front door is carved this friendly motto. We never attended a service here, and can't speak to the truth of this sentiment, but across America 11:00 on Sunday remains the most segregated hour of the week. Nothing like worship to make us all seek "our own kind," and that usually ends up meaning color, race, ethnicity, social status, and sexual orientation. So I have to wonder what the congregations look like at Saint Paul's, or Centenary Methodist, or First Baptist - all prominent old churches near downtown. I'd like to think they are truly welcoming of "all people."

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