Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winston Part Four

Winston contains some great Art Deco period architecture. Here is some work on the side of the old telephone company building, out on Fourth Street. Click images for larger versions.

But the most important Art Deco in Winston is in the building that was the precursor to the Empire State Building, and served as something of a prototype: the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco headquarters on Main Street. It was completed in 1929.

Every year they put up a huge wreath in the main entrance, which is all brass and chrome and was restored to it's 1920's grandeur in 1982.

And here are two portions of a mural on the ground floor. I had to shoot them through the window, as the building is closed on Saturdays. They show tobacco becoming an important trade item in the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, and then the popularity of smoking, first with pipes in the 1890s, and then cigarettes in the 1920s. Note the camels and the tobacco flowers.

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