Monday, December 3, 2007

Winston Part Three

The late afternoon was creating interesting reflections and light effects down Fourth and Trade Streets, which made me decide to attempt some self portraits in the windows. So here is the first try, on a north/south running street. Interesting, and I like the association with an art gallery, but I wanted the more intense light out on Fourth Street.

So then I tried this one, where I appear in the lower left. I'm standing on the north side of the street, and the window is on the south side. Well, actually I'm in the middle of the road, trying not to get run over. You see me here in my trusty field coat, with the big pockets for ammunition and small game, even if I've never gone hunting. Instead it has the camera bag in one big pocket, and my medium sized moleskine in the other. Click images to see larger versions.

Finally I caught this shot in another window on the north side of Fourth Street. Look at the camera, Steve - no the one in the window, dummy.

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