Friday, September 19, 2008

Rooster CD Covers

Here's how they turned out as covers. I've already burned two CDs for these - the others will wait until there's more to burn.

CD 4 contains:
Cold as Ice - Foreigner
Bridge over the Stars - Keiko Matsui
February - Dar Williams
Send Her My Love - Journey
Belief - John Mayer
Oh L'amour - Erasure
Nasty Naughty Boy - Christina Aguilera
Don't Waste Your Time - Kelly Clarkson
Looking for a Stranger - Pat Benatar
Hot - Avril Lavigne
Love Me Like That - Michelle Branch
Dance Inside - All-American Rejects
How You Survived the War - The Weepies
Love You Madly - Cake
Remember to Breathe - The Water Callers
U & Ur Hand - P!NK
I'll Never be Your Maggie May - Suzanne Vega
Fences - Paramour
Here I Stand and Face the Rain - a-ha
I'm Still Remembering - The Cranberries
I Want to Break Free - Queen

CD5 contains:
What Are You Gonna Do - Nelly Furtado
So Far Away - Dire Straights
Who Knew - P!NK
Stagefright - Def Leppard
Dance Floor Anthem - Good Charlotte
Going down to Liverpool - Bangles
See You - Depeche Mode
Riga Girls - The Weepies
When it Rains - Paramour
Everything back but You - Avril Lavigne
Judas - Kelly Clarkson
Rio - Duran Duran
The Sun Always Shines on TV - a-ha
Drugs or Me - Jimmy Eat World
Thanks for the Memories - Fallout Boy
Time and Confusion - Anberlin
Bought and Sold - Dar Williams
Dance Inside - All-American Rejects (I see I repeated this one)
Good Girls Don't - The Knack
Long Long Way from Home - Foreigner

I've been really enjoying the naughty-confident-bratty-hot sounds of Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics, Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing, and most of all, P!NK's I'm Not Dead. These have all been great to paint to, particularly the P!NK. If these are supposed to be girl albums, the guys are missing out if they're not listening. These are sexy albums, as well as sexy ladies, and a lot of fun. All three are break-out albums, where the artists did exactly as they pleased. But it takes a confident guy to listen and laugh along with these.

>>>> Appendix de Grenouille #38 <<<< My reading friends, I have meant to ask each of you to comment on a recurring nightmare. What dream taunts you in your sleep and remains when you awake? I will tell you mine. I dream that my favorite food has grown tres grande, so grande that it might now consider moi to be on the menu... I always wake as it is looking at me and rubbing it's front legs together, like insect ablutions before a meal. Bon appetit, I think, smiling, as I awake, hungry for breakfast.

What nightmare visits you?

Au revoir,



Anonymous said...

The CD covers are fantastic! And what great music mixes. Cupcake has been listening to a lot of P!nk lately, though more so for her hard hitting sound - I hope! We don't discuss sexy much.

I won't give details of my nightmares lately, but they involve cockroaches and the rattling sound of a plastic grocery bag.

Steve Emery said...

Our daughter and I sang along with P!NK on the way back from an errand today. Loud. She's 16, so she gets the innuendo (and the items that aren't veiled at all). It's P!NK's sound, her driving vocals, and the self confidence that I like.

And cockroaches... they make me shudder. They don't get into my dreams, thank goodness. Maybe into Grenouille's, though for him it's more likely to be flies and water beetles.

Some_myrrh said...

Okay, I haven't had this dream in awhile, but it really freaked me out. It was a sex dream, but with Hercule Poirot! He was wearing a hairnet and was very methodical and neat. That dream really scared me because, well, what does it say about you if one of your supposedly racy dreams features Hercule Poirot?

Anonymous said...

Some myrrh! That dream is hilarious. I could see having a dream like that. Some days I like to daydream that I'm Miss Lemon.......

Some_myrrh said...

Lol! Yes, Ms. Christie was mysteriously silent about some aspects of their relationship, wasn't she? I've often wondered if Hastings ever actually got some, and from whom (besides his wife, obviously). But Miss Lemon and the Belgian. Hmm. I think she probably brought him more than tisanes from time to time.

(Sorry, Grenouille. I know we were meant to be speaking of dreams here, not fantasies.)

Steve Emery said...

Madames! Madames! This is most irregular! I realize that Monsieur Poirot is Belgique, not Francais, but I feel we are having frolic and sport with a countryman!

But, non non, this is tres amusant, and I am charmed that you both made free with these dreams (or fantasies) ridiculous. The hair net is the coup de grace. So apropos of Msr. Poirot, Some_myrrh, did he also, perhaps, have one on his mustaches? Quelle erotique, non?

And DCup, your photo of lemons on Flickr, which Etienne so likes, will bear a new meaning.

Merci, to you both.

Others? Surely others have dreams equally entertaining?