Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cat TV

Oui, I know you can hear the approaching soft pad of the cat coming to say I look tres ridiculous in Etienne's red beret. But how seriously can one take this when the judge is one of the pair in the photo below? Even a small child addicted to cartoons will not propell himself against the television as these two at the glass of this cat TV.

Au revoir,


PS - Etienne is giving away the CD Covers - if you wish to get your name in the beret, comment on his post, ici.


Genie Sea said...

How adorable! I am so thankful for the presence of pets in our lives. Despite the fur balls, and cleaning their litter, or with dogs, the early walks in the snow, they are a joy :)

N'est ce pas?

June Saville said...

All 'Frogs' should wear a beret. Pardon.
June in Oz

Grenouille said...

Cher Genie - Small creatures must observe from safe heights when the larger creatures play their silly games. It is amusing to watch.

June Saville - Is not your last name French? As for berets, being a "frog" twice perhaps explains the size of mine!

Lisa said...

The picture of the raspberry beret made me smile today. And I have to tell you, I use the term "merp" from your beloved's blog all the time now. It's the perfect word for the sound the cats make when they're talking to the birds. Or rather, I suppose, threatening the birds.....

Grenouille said...

Lisa - Etienne's cheri says "merp" - and the cats often make this sound. When Lina is complaining at the birds, however, it sounds to me more like "mrep-mrep-mrep."

au revoir,