Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Provence Cloth and Daffodils

Etienne's cheri loves bright table coverings from Provence. Here one is creating a perfect background for the yellow narcissus. And for moi, as well. The photo is tres jolie - you should perhaps click on it to zoom your enjoyment. And then you can better see the sweet happiness of these little yellow blooms.

The clock changes in this house have led to some deep sighs of content. It feels as if we will have all the days of March, but we may pretend that they will happen with the sunlit evenings of April. Then April will come and be as bright as usual, as well. Tres riches heures du soleil. For these people who feed on photons, this is a gift, and they are grateful. It has inspired worship, thanks, and praise from Etienne. Gloire a Dieu.

Encore - Etienne is giving away the CD Covers, here, and if you wish to get your name in the hat, leave a comment there saying so.

Au revoir,


And I (Etienne) will add that I just saw over at Liberality that she gave me the "Love Ya" Award. Many thanks to her, and I have noted it in my sidebar with a link to her blog. You should go listen to the Kate Bush song she has up on her recent post about Big Sky.


Michelle said...

Well, I'm only new here but I'd love a CD cover! They're gorgeous.

Liberality said...

I'm going to ask here too for a cd cover. Thanks!

Genie Sea said...

I love the marriage of color, the interweaving of spirit between the table cloth and the vase of flowers! Perfection! :)

June Saville said...

Tres tres tres bien! Sunflowers and daffodils were a surprise...
June in Oz