Sunday, March 8, 2009

CD Covers - The Last Four

After seven coats of paint, all failed attempts, I finally broke through and finished all four of the remaining CD Covers in one burst.

I will post all nine soon - I'll warn you all when - and then people can comment to get in line for choosing. Meanwhile, Lisa at That's Why is welcome to review the other posts and make her choice now.

Above are all nine as they are on the board. They emerged in different orientations, as I turned it around and looked for inspiration.

It was great to finally break through the log jam and have things start to flow again.


Lisa said...

These are wonderful! Can you imagine just how frantic I am trying to figure out how I'll decide? Now I have to go back and look some more!

Beautiful, Steve, just beautiful.

(Yay! to the breaking of the logjam!)

Lisa said...

I love them all, but I want the haunted woman.

linda said...

well it's over....finally...did you think it would be such a challenge when you suggested such insanity? and steve, this bear! he is the coolest bear, the perspective is wonderful the way he is looming over that huge house...I also really like the eyes in the middle of the painting and the colors...well, I just like them did a wonderful job with all of these!

Genie Sea said...

They are all gorgeous! I would be lucky to get one! :)

Steve Emery said...

Lisa - I am not surprised by that choice.

Linda - I had no idea what it would be like to finish them, and yes, I was half afraid I might not be able to do it. The bear came out so easily and quickly it almost seemed unnatural. In the white overpainting (coat six) I saw a polar bear, though not quite in this pose. Then I realized he was leaning on something, and I decided it would be a house.

Genie Sea - Good luck! I hope you win one.

kenju said...

They are all beautiful.