Saturday, March 14, 2009

CD Covers - The Drawing - C'est Tout

I am writing in the tres official capacity as auditor and judge of the drawing of names for Etienne's CD Covers. I will describe the proceedings so all may know the results were fair.

First, Etienne wrote the names of anyone who had requested a CD Cover on comments since the posting of the final eight images. These were numbered for convenience and calculating the odds. Oui, we post the probability of being drawn on each successive reach of Etienne's hand.

Odds for each successive placement:

1st place 0.0588235
2nd place 0.0625000
3rd place 0.0666667
4th place 0.0714286
5th place 0.0769231

You can see your bon chance increases with each drawing. Etienne gleefully pointed out the appearance of his favorite repeating decimal on 4th place (regrettably rounded by the calculator), where a multiple of seven worked the magique. No doubt Lisa's cheri, the Man of Math, will perceive deeper meaning in all of this - upon me it is mostly lost. Etienne says that grenouilles, being unable to see their own digits, never acquired a desire to count. To this I merely shrug.

Here you can see a dramatization of the first drawing done before the first grand shake-up. It was confirmed that there were no slips lurking in the shadows of the edge of the beret. Etienne did each real selection blind, scrambling the slips further with his fingers with his eyes closed, and reshaking and reconfirming no loss under the edge between each draw. I made sure there was no peeking. Etienne's long Italian lashes were firmly down upon the Magyar bags beneath his eyes.

Here are the slips, pulled in order but unopened. The suspense was like the aroma of fresh baked baguettes, pervading everything. Etienne prolonged this moment. He told me he was pondering the possibilities, and who might have been selected. Then came the moment of truth, and we unfolded the slips.

Here is the photographic evidence of the drawing. The number to the right, off the slip, indicates the rank in the contest, and the order of choosing. The number on the slip was merely written for counting and calculation of odds. So the following blog personalities may now announce their preferences in e-mail to Etienne (instructions below).

1 - Summer (Phoenix Berries)
2 - Alex (A Markhov)
3 - Genie Sea (Reality Insanity)
4 - The Gypsy (Fadwa's Inspirational Blog)
5 - Odd Chick (Passions of an Odd Chick)

Etienne noted that two of these may be hand delivered, but that is balanced by the one which must travel all the way to Dubai... That will be Etienne's first art sent outside America. Oui. It is time to infect another continent.

The winning bloggers should now indicate to Etienne their first and second choice in e-mail. If all goes well, and no one ahead of you in line chooses one of your first choices, then Etienne will announce who is getting which in a blog post. If someone ahead of you has chosen so that neither your first nor second choice are available, Etienne will write with that sad news and advise you which covers remain. The winners later in the list will have to wait until all above them are settled before their selections are secure.

Send also your mailing address (mail d'escargot) in the e-mail, if your CD cover will not be hand delivered.

Voila, Etienne's e-mail address is (broken in little pieces to elude the spam crawlers) "arnly" followed by the numeral for seven "7" then the tres chic symbol for e-mail (the a encircled by the curlique), followed by "yahoo" immediately succeeded by a speck plus "com". This address is also available on Etienne's gallery page, which can be reached by clicking the image in the banner at the top of this blog.

For those who did not win today, there will be three covers left at the end, and one of those may be achieved by simply asking in comment, after Etienne posts images of the three. Only one per blogger, so the five winners above may not request one of the three remaining.

Eh, bien! Greetings and congratulations to those who won. We will soon see what they choose.

au revoir,



Liberality said...

Dang it, I didn't win. Oh well, congrats to those who did! And wow, I misunderstood this whole thing. I just thought we would be able to post the likeness on our blog as some kind of art award or something. I didn't realize it was something you would mail to us, so now I'm really disappointed!

Anonymous said...
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linda said...

congratulations all....

Steve Emery said...

Gypsy - I removed your address (I wrote it down for shipping) and have re-posted your comment here:

"Wow!! I won! Amazing luck I have. I had a hard time choosing between 9 and 4. I think first choice is CV Cover 9 and second choice would be 4.

Thanks, I will be very happy to have your work all the way here in sunny Dubai, I will show it off :-)
Sorry you can't hand deliver!"

Thalia Took said...


Oh, uh, pardone. I await the second leg of the contest.

Lisa said...

I think Grenouille did a wonderful job explaining the process!

Man of Math? I love that! May I use it?

Alex said...

Woo-Hoo! (Extra "hoo")

This will be re-gifted as a graduation present for my lovely wife. (CD compiled by me, cover art by Steve E.) I hope I have chosen one she will like.

susan said...

Congratulations to the charming winners and thanks to the sweet and fetching grenouille for the explanation.. which is still too complicated for me.

Genie Sea said...

Weeee! I am so excited! Thank you so much! This has made my week :) okay, month! :)

Email sent :)

Regina said...

still keeping my fingers crossed for a second chance...