Friday, July 6, 2007

Museum of Life and Science - Durham

A few weekends ago I took youngest son and his best friend to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. We have been members for many years.

My favorite place in the museum is the butterfly house. I could stay in there (or in the aviary at the NC Zoo - Flickr photos) for hours, even in the heat and humidity. These photos show the owl butterfly, which the friend very much wanted to find, and a blue morpho that delicately stepped into his hands from another child who had been carrying it.

Then on to the noise and romping of the terrific playground. Even though I don't like noise (I unplug the toaster oven before it gets to beep) I got in the act, and let youngest son wield the camera.

Several structures were quickly turned into bases, which this tunnel joined, and other kids, like the third boy in one photo, were enlisted by the friend (who has never met a stranger) to join their team.

The object was to sneak or run around without being seen by the girls.

Even when boys don't associate with girls, they're still preoccupied with them...


Troy Livingston said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for writing about your visit to the Museum and posting pictures. It's great for the Museum when our friends tell folks about their good experiences here. Also, thanks for being a member! We are grateful to count you among our friends.

Troy M. Livingston
Vice President for Innovation and Learning
Museum of Life and Science
(919) 220-5429 x328 (office)
(919) 247-8222 (mobile)

Steve Emery said...

Troy - you are quite welcome. We have been fans and supporters of the museum for over 18 years now - since the early years of our oldest.