Friday, May 30, 2008

Birthday in May (but It's Really in December...)

I've turned 47 three times. The first time was in 2007, when I said all year I was 47, when I was actually still 46. No idea why I kept convincing myself I was 47 - I did it when I was 36, as well (insisting all year I was 37). Then I turned 47 in December 2007, as expected. But we ignored that event in this house because I declared last year that I had done enough birthdays the week before Christmas and I was going to move the celebration (though not the actual day) into April or May.

So we cebrated my 47th birthday again on May 9th. I took the day off and had a great time, creating a Flickr page, (finally), and doing some painting, walking with my dearest, and going out with the family for pizza.

Daughter knit me some sushi (photo above). Rice, kelp wrap, rolls and sashimi, shaved ginger and even some green wasabi - it's all here, and it was presented in a sushi tray with the chopsticks.

Oldest son drew me something from Hamjamser. This one is called Trumpets - it's about 6x8 inches, ink and colored pencil (his mediums of choice).

Youngest drew me a card that showed some interesting arithmetic.

Dear wife bought me a replacement for my car stereo. It has been wonderful this week to listen to music again on the way to and from work. And several other odds and ends, including the French Dunny in the post about my workspace.


DebD said...

Happy birthday (or 1/2 birthday). What lovely gifts from your children - especially the knitted sushi. I also have a birthday just after the holidays. I like this idea.

Steve Emery said...

We're incredibly blessed in our children. These gifts were just icing on an already wonderful cake.

We had real sushi today - just a few California rolls to split between oldest son and I. The ladies watched in amusement as the wasabi lit our sinuses. Youngest son would have been amused, as well, but he skips lunch on Saturdays rather than miss a moment of play with friends who are normally in school.