Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camping - Lesson 5 - Late Evening Light

And yet...

It is the evening light that still makes my heart race, and dazzles me with gold. Late shadows differ from early shadows, and I love their warmth and sharpness.

We climbed Black Balsam Knob in the late afternoon, and were there long enough to see hillside cherry trees glowing above the shadows at their feet.

On the return hike I lagged well behind the others, taking shot after shot of the shadows cast on the trail, and the hills rising around it in the deep yellow of the day.

Above it all shone the western slope of the knob, bald and rock strewn, magic and dreamlike in the last moments of the sun.

This return hike was the best I felt on the whole trip. The waning golden light is my elixir.

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