Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Wave

My latest painting, again emerging from whatever (click on it for a larger view). It was fun to paint the figures in this one; I deliberately did not overwork them. Since The Storm I've been letting paint be paint. As usual, the camera makes this appear more blue than it is, even with adjustments by computer. This is a brighter, more sunny work in person, more yellows and greens, attempting to show my feelings for the beach here in North Carolina.

My new Lukas Aquarell 1862 watercolors have made the last two paintings brighter. The pigments really are as transparent and potent as advertised - I love them. And doing watercolor on top of the acrylics makes them brighter still. Now I understand Hundertwasser's fascination with bright washes on top of rich, opaque colors or brilliant whites. It makes the piece more fragile (water would damage it even faster than it would a normal watercolor), but no less lightfast and permanent behind glass.

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