Thursday, May 22, 2008

Camping - Lesson 3 - That Too

You may recall a previous post which mentioned That. Here's the photo again, to refresh your memory.

On route 276 between Brevard and the Blue Ridge Parkway are a number of parking areas and hikes to waterfalls. We took one to a lovely falls that drops fifty feet free, with plenty of room for a whole crowd of people to pass behind it. On that trail were a number of beautiful plants. It was like a garden, actually, and I'll post some photos of the plants later.

Along the trail was That. But the closer we got to the falls, and the further into the cove, the more exotic the That became, until by the end it was so lobed and divided of leaf that I barely recognized it. Something about its growth habit, the proportions of the outline, and the arrangement of the veins still made it plain to me that it was the same plant.

Biologists are aware that often there is more variation between individuals in a species than there is between species. I think we saw some individual variation on this trail.

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