Saturday, May 17, 2008

Garden 2008

I'm the stones and dirt side of the arrangement, and I garden in the beds, as well. But Dear Wife has done most of the planting and watering and feeding these last few years as my artwork has taken more of my free time. This is possibly the best foxglove specimen she's ever grown. This is in one of the front beds.

This photo shows a typical pleasing arrangement of colors, sizes, and textures. Flowers are everywhere, and there are at least two or three species blooming every month of the year. This is part of our longest and most successful bed, down the sunny side of the lot.

Here is a look down the last few steps of my hillside stairs, looking onto the green terrace and on beyond to a drainage easement I keep mowed to control ticks, to preserve the view, to make a shortcut for our neighbors to the playground nearby, and to provide play space for the cul-de-sac's many kids. I built all this during a stressful period of my career, and in fulfillment of dreams I kept since visiting southern France in the early 1980s.

Every year a portion of the front sidewalk looks like a display for a flower seller, as Dear Wife purchases at a slightly faster pace than she can plant them. By summer she catches up, usually just in time for the heat waves and the Japanese beetles (the species we would unanimously choose to banish from our property if we could choose only one).

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