Saturday, May 28, 2011

Farmer's Market and Depot - Hillsborough

On our Saturday morning walks in Hillsborough, we always stop at the Farmer's Market to get greens, eggs, bread, and (of course) flowers from Marsha. Sometimes I leave her bouquets just the way she arranged them for sale, and other times (like this) I break the blooms up and recombine them in more locations in the house. These are on the sill of the big window in our stairwell. Bachelor's buttons, ranunculus, anemones.

The Cheerwine and Boylan (Birchbeer!!!) bottles were bought at the extreme other end of our walk, where the Depot is a new destination in our village. It's a pleasure to drink something old fashioned (and memory packed) as we turn and start back to our car parked near the market.

But the company I keep on these walks is my favorite part...


Anonymous said...

Fresh flowers and birch beer - how lovely!

Birch beer's the only soda I drink, and that's about once a decade! :)

susan said...

Living with balance and harmony you set a good example for us all. The colors and shapes are very engaging. Sorry I never had the opportunity to try Birch beer.