Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where I've Been - Travel and Sketching

I've been on the road a lot (again) - for work and for pleasure. Georgia, of course - but this time I discovered Roswell (thanks to Dearest for research locating something historic and interesting outside Alpharetta). Here is a sketch of Barrington Hall, a historic site. I sketched this during a thunder storm - capturing the house quickly with pencil, getting into watercolors just in time for the rain, and having to make a dash for the house's lovely porch (sketch face down, to protect it from raindrops), where I finished the sketch to the sound of the receding storm and a group of young actors rehearsing at a makeshift outdoor stage to one side of the house. I was charmed by the hall's large whiteness against the sky, the offset of the house to the right within the cage of the columns, and the bright aqua green shutters.

And this was done the following night, when I came back and checked out the historic business district in Roswell, sketching this cafe from the fashion store (Capricious) across the street. I then ate at the cafe (NINE - Street Kitchen) sitting at the table under the smaller of the tan colored umbrellas, until dark. Chicken Roma - delicious.

There will be more Roswell sketches. I've only scratched the surface with these two drawings.

And the best thing about this is that I have finally broken through to do some more significant painting and drawing while I travel for business. That means the trips will feel less like time away from my art - and I can stay in practice.


Unknown said...

I can feel the energy running your post. These are so lovely. The little cafe scene is so special and I think I see your skies and trees in the first, of the building with the columns.

I'm glad you posted these. :-) Great weekend, Steve and family!

susan said...

These really are very nice and I'm happy to know your job is having no discernible affect on your work.