Monday, May 30, 2011

Figure Drawing May 19, 2011

We had a lovely model this evening, with beautiful shoulders. I've drawn her before, over a year ago. She is in her sixties, I would guess. These sketches are the 5 minute sketches (all on one page) and then two 10 minute sketches, and then the two twenty minute sketches we did last. As usual, I felt like I had finally gotten in a groove just as we finished. And also, the 10 minute poses are often my favorites - they don't last long enough. That's mostly due to the model choosing something a little more challenging (balance or twisting, etc.) for a shorter pose. The longer poses require something they can hold, so they are often more ordinary sitting postures. Some models recline for the longer poses, which I enjoy, particularly since I usually end up with a drastic foreshortening pose at least once during the evening.

I tend to leave the hands, face, and feet only suggested (if that) because I am concentrating on what I can't draw at other times - the nude torso, in particular. But I also think the suggested hands, in particular, work in these drawings, and I think it best to keep the sketches more anonymous. I'm particularly pleased with these two ten minute poses - the one on the right captured the lovely way she was holding her shoulders and hands, though it makes her look younger than it should.

These are all pencil on 18 x 24 inch Strathmore medium drawing paper. I have used up the pad, so I need to pick up another before my next session. And our usual lead artist, who runs the timer, will be in Paris for a month, drawing for several hours a day in some of the oldest open figure drawing studios in the world (one is where Ingres drew regularly) - so I need to get a battery for my timer.

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