Thursday, August 7, 2014

Auto Drawings - 1-3

I mentioned a few posts ago that I started using an old notebook for an experiment.  Just before bed each evening I take about 15 minutes and draw, using a Perfetto pencil (graphite on one side, red on the other), with only half a brain.  The right half.

I try not to think too much, and I hang back and watch as my hand just does things.  I have no model or preconceived ideas.  After a few weeks of this I'm noticing some things:

  • The speed of the drawing shows.  This is gesture almost as much as it is drawing.
  • I can tell when a shape is coming from deeper inside or when it is a quick cop-out.  If you look at the drawings over the next few posts, I bet you can tell, too.  I am seeking the deeper gestures.
  • Sometimes something recognizable emerges and I play with it.  Sometimes that's good (the rabbit) - sometimes it's not good (the turtle).  Some are landscapes, some are figures, many are animals, etc.
  • I began working on one half of the opened pages (the right hand, flat leaf) and leaving the other blank.  That went out the window when my hand just took over the other page, too.  Now I draw over the whole surface.
  • It began feeling like a lot of space, and now it feels small, even though I doubled it just a few nights ago when I started drawing on both pages.
  • Some nights I can climb into this and sit and watch like a tired kid at the end of the day - other nights I can't get out of the way.
  • I have no plan or pattern for the red vs. black - I just go with it.
At first I thought these were too personal to post, and a few are - but mostly they're not controversial.  I don't know if they will interest anyone besides me - but I thought I would post and see what people think.  Feel free to comment.  As usual, click an image to enlarge.''

Here are the first three - later drawings become less abstract.

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