Sunday, August 10, 2014

Glimpses from the Studio

My studio is actually just an 8x4 sheet of glazed masonite on a lumber frame over an old couch which acts as storage for my art books and supplies while under the old couch cushions, out of sight, are decades of National Geographics reaching back into the 70's.

Here are several glimpses.  The small gouache portrait in the last shot was inspired by a blurred photo of our daughter dancing a hip hop routine.  The beer cans were brought back from the Czech Republic by a friend who is from there.  The ceramic piece on the wall, with the flame cast fern images, is by an artist friend, Heather DeLisle.

Other things for you to find:  The ugly doll Ox, a patch from the USS Wisconsin, my Dad's slide rule in a case laced with camphor, ribbed arcs with barnacles, Japanese erasers (sea theme), 3-D Manhattan puzzle, a bear bell, peace sign pin from Asheville NC, line drawings by our oldest son.  I'm of the sort whose art space gradually fills up with inspiring, memory laden objects until there is no room, and then I have to do a big clean-up.

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