Friday, August 22, 2014

Pastel 6 - Trees

This one took more than 15 minutes.  I got into the drawing stage, in particular, and so this was more like 30 minutes.

Again, it started oriented one way and then was rotated 180 before I began with the Sharpie.

During the drawing the most fun was the loops, like crochet stitches, in the roots and bases of the trees.  That creates an unexpected abstract element at the bottom.

For me the most unexpected moment was when the rich sienna was applied so heavily in the upper middle, reaching out like wings.  After the first set of marks with that color, to the right of the tree trunk, I thought I had ruined the drawing (left brain talking) and then I calmly just pushed it even further, adding much more sienna, which worked better than anything my safe left brain would have wanted.  That kind of over-ride is precisely what I feel these drawings are slowly training my mind to do.

All of these are 18 x 24 inches, pastel on brown kraft paper.  Click any image for a closer view.

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susan said...

The images grew steadily richer throughout the process and the end result is a wonderful image.