Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pastels 4 and 5 - Less Control

Continuing the 15 minute pastel drawings in my garage...  What excites me about these is that they are not what I expect.  I do not know where these are going.  I watch and learn.  Click on the images below for a closer view.

#3 began inspired by a bucket full of gardening trowels.  Great shapes of handles and edges...  But the final pastel is exuberantly something else, (many something elses) so let's call that one private.

#4 and #5 appear below, starting with the pen drawings, then the Sharpie drawings in reaction to the ball-point, and finally the pastel image.  Both of these were rotated 180 degrees; #5 was rotated twice (second time midway through the pastel stage).

I don't like these.  Actually, I dislike these (except the colors).  But they excite me because they are breaking free.  We are traveling.  If you review the work in my gallery, you see a lot of work that is careful and planned looking (even though many of those works are also surprises and wandered their way to a final destination).  These, in contrast, are not careful or planned - at least not in comparison.  I can get much more free, and I hope I do.

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