Monday, September 22, 2014

Pastel 28 - Ready for Paint?

I apologize for not showing the process on these any more, as I did for the first ones in the series.  I find I'm too engrossed to stop between ball point and pastels.  They are still happening the same way, though.

Today was a fractured day, with opposites and good and bad news alternating throughout the day.  I gave as good as I got, but it's the kind of day that couldn't make up its mind how it wanted to be remembered.

Part of me is disappointed when one of these doesn't resolve into something recognizable, something with some story.  But I recognize that these last few abstract pieces are the strongest pages in the series.  They just don't feel as playful, and that's more important to me right now.

Pastel, ball point and Sharpie on 18 x 24 inch kraft paper.

I could keep "working" on this one - I see things to change...  but I have deliberately set boundaries to keep it fast and not get stuck.  To keep it play.

I sense that I am ready to shift to painting - or even a combination of paint and pastel (not sure if that would work) - I need to prevent control from reasserting itself too soon.  And I would like these to be less fragile, less of a mess afterward, and more OK to give away when I want.

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