Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zebra Skull Sketch

This post was from several years ago - I never published it...

Again, one of the pleasures of drawing in public is the conversations which result. In the Museum of Life and Science, in Durham, where I have previously drawn the lion skull, I sat down and drew the zebra skull. Unlike the lion's skull, which is protected by glass, the zebra bone is polished by the counteless hands which have stroked it. The pointed spines that make the bridge of the nose fascinated me as they did many of the children who came to see the skulls. Many of those children also stopped to watch me and (sometimes) ask what I was doing.

About 10 x 14 inches - brown pen on cold press watercolor pad. A Niji waterbrush (handy gadget) was used to bleed and blend some of the brown ink, which turns magenta when mixed with water.

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