Thursday, January 1, 2009

Doodle - New Years Eve Hangover

I started this watercolor over a week ago, and waited until it became something to bother posting it. So here it is from the first stage (still wet, even). Then I edited out some things with white acrylic (next image). Then I dropped in some black ink and some orange pencil (third image). Finally, after looking at it for a week and seeing nothing inspiring, I realized one of the things it seemed like was a sky at sunset. The final piece is not very original (fourth image), but it was a fun few hours and a good warm up for a New Year's Day when I have a mild hangover. I was inspired somewhat by our trip to France (Provence) many years ago - but also, I think, by Jul in Munich's Tuscan paintings. And I think the colorful hill and sky has to have been influenced by Linda's Landscape in Red, a recent painting with the barns and sheep. Though her painting is more bright and clear than this doodle of mine.

We had a progressive dinner party last night on our incredible street. We did this last year, as well - we progress from house to house (change every 30 minutes), with each house serving some interesting kind of appetizer and a well paired wine (or two - or three - or...). We call it the progressive dinner party without dinner.

So we did five houses last night, starting with the Zinfandel/Merlot house with spanikopita, several delicious cheeses, asian pear, etc., and through several others (toasts with cheeses and scallions (with or without cayenne) vegetables and dip with a cabernet and Fat Bastard, mushroom dip on French bread and a white Burgundy, etc.) until we got to the house with the chocolate fountain, another good red, and also a muscato and a prosecco. At each house we were a little louder, there was a little more laughter, and people were less inhibited in conversation. By the last house (next door to us - belonging to Alex and his lovely wife, who organized this affair - their son is Youngest's best friend) things were in full swing. Alex has a pool table dominating his livingroom, and we played pool and talked and laughed. The idea was to stay there until the New Year. Upstairs the big bonus room was full of kids from six or seven households.

Dearest joined the party for the middle, because that's all her knee was up for. Daughter had come with me for the whole thing, and tried each of the wines from my glass. She stayed for the entire thing, one of the last six adults at the party (and our neighbors treat her like an adult, which surprises and delights her, since she's 16), and she brought her younger brother home with her, because I left around 10:30 to check on Dearest and to see if the PC was virus free after the last sweep I had left running. Success! That's when I posted a few comments last night. I fully intended to go right back over to the party.

But then I started to feel dizzy, as much from the rough night I'd had before (starting virus sweeps and then sleeping a little all night long) and from muscle tension in my neck. But the accumulated wine sampling had added up to about three glasses, which is a lot for me, and that didn't help. So I went to bed around 11:00. If I didn't move it was bearable.

Today I feel relaxed, but a bit low, and slightly headachey. Not sure if that's the wine, the neck tension, the "day after the day after" a lost night of sleep, or all of the above.

So today's creative offering feels formulaic to me - not much mental or emotional effort in this one. But it was fun to play with. And it has some nice passages in it.


linda said...

I think it sounds like this one is done (?) but I see more buildings on more hillsides...ah well, I can accept whatever you decide, grins...

loving your colors you got that black ink out of it enough to even paint a picture is pretty amazing...I love how that orange and the deep blue really brought the reds, greens and purples together looks like a huge fire is happening in the back of the center hill!

Steve Emery said...

Linda - I see what you mean, and I can see more houses popping up here and there, as well. I have to think about that. I feel like a wanderer, sometimes, in my art - passing through and not staying anywhere long. So much to see. I know there are things you miss by not staying longer, but some places seem worth staying longer than others, to me.

The black ink forces some issues - like strong contrast. Sometimes I lack boldness, and the piece can end up just pastel and mostly the same value - the ink makes me get serious about light and dark. With the acrylic, of course, I can undo just about anything. I'm getting more and more enamored of the endless possibilities with the layering of the acrylics.

But watercolor is still king of spontaneous, jewel-like color.

corryna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment on the quilt I am working on. And now I am here to see what you are up to. I really like your style. And the colors you use. It inspires me. Your compositions are good too! I keep looking at it. It has strength and power.

Alex said...

First, thanks for letting the kids play at your house on New Year's day. The wife and I needed some quiet. In the huslte and bustle of getting ready for the party, she for got to eat... All day. The wine was flowing pretty furiously (much of it my way) and we were both much worse for wear.

I did look for you at midnight, but figured the noise and crowds had gotten to you and Mlight and you had decided to spend a quiet moment to celebrate. Was pleasantly surprised that your daughter hung around for the whole thing. I think we're rubbing off on you guys. (don't fret, we're water soluble.)

All-in-all think it was a fun evening and that we're all still speaking to each other. even if it is a whispered conversation.

Happy New Year!

Genie Sea said...

When I saw the first image, it truly reminded me of Linda's Landscape in Red, but as it progressed it took on an identity of its own. It's god a dreamy, wine-glow quality to it. I actually love it! I wish I could doodle like you!

I also wish I lived in your neighbourhood! The Progressive Dinner Party sounds like so much FUN! I live in anti-social land...

Genie Sea said...

Oops! That's got not god in my previous comment. Freudian much? :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

This is amazing!

I'm blown away. (I prolly should give up art!)

You're so GOOD!