Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award

While I enjoyed getting this award from The Pagan Sphinx, I was really most moved by her words about me in the post.

And I will do the half she would like most for me to do (the five addictions) - but I won't pass it on to five others, because I haven't got the energy to sort out who to choose.

But I will tell about five addictions:

1. Dearest's laugh. I will go to significant lengths to hear it, and I can't go long without it or I wonder if the world is ending.
2. French Ultramarine. It is in every painting I've done, I think, and it seems to get more and more space on my palette.
3. Olives. All kinds, but particularly green or black cerignola (from an Italian or Greek deli is best) and peppery calabrese.
4. Drawing the human nude. Who'd have thunk it seeing me hating figure drawing classes at my first art school experience.
5. Dunnys. I can not explain this one - at all. I have four Series 4 Dunnys and a French Series on my art table, and I have four of them in boxes (Series 5), unopened, under my art table. I am prolonging the feeling of not knowing which they are, and postponing (three months now) the opening. Four times now I've almost opened one - decided to do it, but then got distracted and resisted the temptation again. Maybe the fact that they are artist designed (street artists) has something to do with my fascination - but I think it's mostly about the surprise, and the suspense. And they have attitude. They are so not like me.


linda said...

this was fascinating to read for some, unknown reason..probably because it gives a little glimpse into the people we care about online but don't see all the sides of...

olives are something I enjoy too, as long as they aren't too spicy and we have some good ones around here...french ultramarine, of course! that's very sweet about your loving the sound of the laughter of your dearest...I always knew, well, since I have come to know you, that we would see nudes frolicking within your paintings someday~perhaps sooner than later? hmmm, good! this dunny thing? I still don't get it and will have to google them.

k...maybe I will think about and do my own addiction list. have a good weekend and hope you get to do some art!! fingers crossed for that, for us both!

Steve Emery said...

I'd love to hear about some of your addictions... I think I can guess a few.

And AMEN to the painting this weekend. For us both. I hope you have energy and a chance.

I just stretched two new papers, and I have some Hundertwasseresque playing planned. I am going to toss out the rules of perspective and the laws of gravity this weekend.

linda said...

YAAAAAY!!!! I can't wait to see, not that I want to put any pressure or anything for show and tell.... ;) I love the idea of no perspective or gravity and most importantly, only one rule, YOURS!

I bet you are painting already-it's 636am here and I hope you are!

(what do you think about omitting the word veri?) sigh...hate those...

giggles said...

AAAAhhhh, the gift of delayed gratification...... May you be well rewarded!

And french ultramarine? Absolutely! (I think I need to go try to paint, now, too!)

Steve Emery said...

Linda - I drew the start of two paintings, and erased both. I'm back to blank paper after two and a half hours of fooling around. I'm not sure how to get into the space I want to paint. I'm not frustrated, though - just going to quietly keep trying until I get there.

And I'll try turning off the word verification. I had some spam comments, and that's why I had to put it in. But that was months ago, so maybe I can get away with it again.

I hope you got to paint today!

Giggles - I hope you painted today, too.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love olives, too. All kinds as long as they're not from a can or jar. And even though I don't LOVE the canned or jarred ones, I don't ever pass up eating at least a couple of those either, if they offered somewhere.

Olives rank among my top favorite ten things to eat. Yum.

I love what you said about Dearest's laugh. Made me smile. I sometimes wish that my man said such eloquent things about me but mostly it's enough that we make each other laugh and enjoy it without words.

Thanks for picking up the award. Sorry it's taken me so long to get here. I'm feeling a bit over-extended with life and blogging and not catching up to everything I'd like to take part in.

Love to you,