Saturday, February 21, 2009

CD Cover 2

We watched Juno tonight. There was a lot to like. And it made me feel pretty free. This was the result. CD Cover 2.

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Genie Sea said...

Juno is a very freeing movie. One of my favorite character movies ever. The CD cover reflects it. :) The character in the face is undeniable. The prism of color is substantial, a life of its own. :)

lisahgolden said...

That's great.....Quite mesmerizing.

I love Juno. I love the way the people talk - especially Juno and her stepmother. It's very real to me.

One of my favorite quotable lines from the film is "Oh, I listened to some Sonic Youth and that's not music, that's just noise."

One of us always uses that line when we're picking songs to goof around with on Rockband.

Steve Emery said...

Genie and Lisa - the movie has been in my head a lot this morning, and was in my head when I woke several times in the night, as well. We all quote movie lines in this house (a few we've remembered wrong, and made them better than they were in the movie - that's another post...).

Our favorites so far are:
"Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser beings suffer!" and "I'm going to stop wearing underwear; increase my sperm count." That line about Sonic Youth has been in our heads some, as well. Brilliant line, delivered powerfully in the movie.

What keeps going through my head is the way the step-mother, in particular, is gradually revealed to be the wonder that she is. From the way she snaps right to the happy business of taking care of a pregnant daughter, to the line immediately afterwards about the sex not being Bleeker's idea (she's so smart), to the dressing down she gave the ultrasound tech, to the way she was coaching Juno through the delivery. And the Dad comes off better and better as well - culminating in the shoulder grasp of Bleeker - a silent blessing/acceptance. It's making me tear up again while I remember it.

And that final scene, where they meet outside his house and sing that song back and forth to each other. That's gorgeous and sweet enough to be something Dearest and I would do - it looked familiar!

Juno's character is a marvel. "Oh, I've been out dealing with things well beyond my maturity level." I wonder.

L'Adelaide said...

I loved Juno but it has been some time since I watched it(meaning: I don't remember the characters well)...this painting has such lively use of color and such personality! spectacular!!

this process is so fun to watch!!!

Regina said...

I missed that movie. I guess we'll have to go rent it if it is such a stirring movie.
Your painting makes me think of tribal masks. We could go philosophical about the masks people wear in their daily lives. But I won't spoil the fun of spontaneous art and beautiful colors by over-thinking it. ;-)