Monday, February 16, 2009

Work Zone

Work is going to be very heavy, taking up evening and weekend time for a while. I'll get to blogs some - gotta unwind a little before going to sleep every night - but I don't think I'll be posting a lot. It's already been thinner here over the last few weeks.

I'll be back when it settles back down. There's an initial rush before really large projects, and this one is huge and I'm really excited about it. So it's not a bad thing.


Genie Sea said...

May the rush and the excitement last throughout your project! It's great that your job brings you such satisfaction. Looking forward to your blogging return. :)

lisahgolden said...

I'm right there with you!

I hope that the paid work is enjoyable in its own way.

okjimm said...

work work work work work work.....

boy&howdy, it sure gets in the way of other stuff!

&speaking of stuff... your art is looking good, as usual :)

susan said...

There's nothing like being away from the brushes for a bit to re-energize the creative flow.

Best wishes.

June Saville said...

The thing about blogs - or it should be - is that they don't rule. True friends will wait for the right time for you to turn in a quality piece - and without finding it a pressure. I have decided that myself at the moment. Sometimes life is hectic and we must adjust.
June in Oz