Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Grenouille Christmas - 4

This fierce soldier stands on Mother's hearth (on the other side is a fat Santa). This nutcracker reminds me of Clara's story and the ballet with music by Tchaikovsky. If I were in that story, since grenouilles are not fond of rats, I might prefer to sit up on my friend's chapeau.

That story turns dark several times - when the nutcracker is broken by Clara's careless brother, and when the rats attack. But all is tres bien in the end.

And that is the Noel wish of this post, which is for those who are not well, or are recovering from an illness, or a surgery. May the teeth of my friend, grip your troubles and crush them so they do not return. May you have the gift of love and friendship in your time of need and during your recovery. May you mend and improve and your days brighten.

Au revoir,



Anonymous said...

That Nutcracker does look fierce!

Grenouille said...

Madame DCup - Oui, the face was so fierce I judged it wisest to be up on his chapeau, away from harm.